For residential or commercial carpet & upholstery services, protect your clean fabrics after our award winning cleaning!
We use Dupont Teflon to protect our home. This protective fabric treatment will help your carpets & upholstery stay cleaner longer. It repels spills, blocks stains and resists soiling. Most fresh spills will clean up easily with just water. Our protectant will not change the look or feel of your carpet/upholstery.


We needed our carpets cleaned fast and called to see if possibly we could get into the schedule the next day. The man we spoke to on the phone was very professional and was able to accommodate us.

When the crew Isaiah and Greg met us, I could tell right away that they were well trained. We are so happy with the quality of their work. They went above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied. A big "THANK YOU" for a job very well done!

Susan - Voorheesville, NY March, 2017

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The Hoffman Satisfaction Guarantee

100% free from soaps and harmful chemicals
Hot water extraction is the only method - endorsed by carpet mfg
High water temperatures will help remove Allergens, Pet Dander and other Irritants
Certified Firm and Technicians
Professional Truck Mounted Equipment


Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Environmental studies indicate that indoor air quality can actually be up to 100 times worse than outdoor air quality. Breathing contaminated air can be especially harmful to babies, elders, and people with respiratory and allergy issues. When combined with regular vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning can ensure that your home is free from air borne contaminants that can cause health problems for your family. Will also extend the life of your carpet!

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Do You Need Something Else Cleaned?

In addition to protecting the fabrics in your home, The Hoffman Cleaning team can bring our professional Steam Cleaning Services to your carpets and your car upholstery.