A craftsman's touch

Repair and restore your heirlooms


Do you have a fine oriental rug in your home or office?

Although they offer a more appealing aesthetic than traditional carpet, they will experience wear over time due to everyday traffic that traditional cleaning cannot fully restore. That is where the professionals of The Original Hoffman Cleaning team can come in and bring life back to your fine rug.

Small frays and tears in your rug can be costly if left unattended. The original Hoffman Cleaning team’s goal is to preserve the beauty and uniqueness that your rug brings to your home or office space through professional cleanings and time-honored techniques that include repairing loose or torn out fringe, salvage recovery, and re-knotting any damage to your rug’s pattern.

Our carpet repair & restoration services include:

Carpet Stretching

Seam Repair

Berber Repair

Water Damage

Pet Damage


Fantastic job, as always. The only carpet cleaning company I will do business with.

Mariesa - Capital Region, NY March, 2017

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The Hoffman Satisfaction Guarantee

100% free from soaps and harmful chemicals
Hot water extraction is the only method - endorsed by carpet mfg
High water temperatures will help remove Allergens, Pet Dander and other Irritants
Certified Firm and Technicians
Professional Truck Mounted Equipment


Each fine oriental rug is made by a craftsman who took years to master the skill, and this skill cannot be copied by a machine. That is what makes each rug unique.

To ensure that your rug keeps its value throughout years of traffic and everyday wear, leave any repairs or cleaning to the professional team at The Original Hoffman Cleaning. You can be sure that your carpet or rug will be treated with the proper care and maintenance that it needs to retain its worth over the years to come.

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Do You Need Something Else Cleaned?

In addition to repairing and cleaning your carpets, The Hoffman Cleaning team can bring our professional Steam Cleaning Services to your home and your car upholstery.